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July 9th Picture Update!
July 9th Picture Update!
May 21st Pictures Update!
May 21st Pictures Update!
May 14th Picture Update!
May 14th Picture Update!


Picture Update.
Picture Update.
Keep Fit Fun At Saint Teilo’s

HIIT Training with live stream from The Body Coach Joe Wicks

Mind Games!
Mind Games!


March Mega Picture Update!
March Mega Picture Update!
Picture Update
Picture Update
Pupil Absence Request


Please print out the form and send it to the school when completed.
If you would like to fill in the form on your computer please click here to download the PDF version.
Free Acrobat Reader of similar required.
Note: you will still have to print it out after completion in order to sign it.

Request to take child out of school during term time

Child’s Name:   Date of Birth:
Your group/Class:

Class teacher

Contact Details (Address and mobile telephone Number)



Date of the proposed trip : –
Length and purpose of the absence :


Duration of the absence and its impact on continuity of learning:


Circumstances of the family and the wishes of parents:


The date the pupil will return to school:
UK contact details:(name, address and contact number of a relative or friend who we can make contact with if you do not return on the stated date)


Office use only

The overall % attendance pattern of the child :

2015/2016 :

2016/2017 to date :

Office use only

Leave : Authorised / Unauthorised

Signature of Headteacher :

Date :

Home School Contract

Absences in Term Time 2016-2017

At St Teilo’s School a panel is held to discuss absences taken during term time to decide whether they will be authorised or unauthorised. Each request is looked at and considered on an individual basis.

If, however, there is extended absence, then the parent/s or guardian/s will discuss with the school about taking work to ensure that the child keeps up with their education during the absence.

If the pupil/s does/do not return by the agreed date they are at risk of losing their school place/s and they will be removed from the school register in accordance with the admission guidance Education (Pupil Registration) (Wales) Regulations 2010 section 4 which states ‘the pupils has ceased to attend the school and no longer resides within a reasonable distance from the school’.

Failure to return on the agreed date will prompt welfare concerns; a child who goes missing from education may be considered to be at risk of significant harm. Any such concerns will immediately be referred to the statutory authorities for consideration.

Signed:_________________________ Parent or Guardian Date:__________

Signed:_________________________ Head teacher Date:__________

Parent Drop in Surgery

Inclusion Service

Parent Drop in Surgery

Spring Term 2017

Narberth Cluster at Bloomfield House Community Centre Haverfordwest Cluster at Pembrokeshire Archives Milford Haven Cluster at Hubberston Community Learning Community
Thursday 16th February 12 to 2pm

Thursday 30th March 12- 2 pm

Friday 3rd March 12- 2pm

Thursday 6th April 12- 2pm

Thursday 2nd February 12:30-2:30am

Thursday 23rd March 12:30- 2:30pm

Fishguard Cluster at Fishguard Town Hall St David’s Cluster at

Oriel Y Parc Tourist Information Centre

Preseli Cluster at

Preseli Community Learning Centre

Monday 30th January 12 to 2pm

Monday 20th March 12 to 2pm

Wednesday 1st March 12-2 pm

Wednesday 5th April 12-2 pm

Monday 13th February 12-2pm

Monday 27th March 12-2 pm

Pembroke Cluster at Foundry House, Pembroke Tenby Cluster at Tenby Community learning Centre
Tuesday 31st January 12-2pm

Tuesday 14th March 12-2pm

Wednesday 15th February 12-2pm

Wednesday 29th March 12-2pm

Tea & Coffee available

For parents of Children with Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

If you are a parent whose child needs extra help and support, then you might be interested in some new parent drop in sessions being held around Pembrokeshire this Spring.

Drop-in surgeries for parents, families and carers have been launched across the three geographical areas of the County. This will take place every six weeks. They provide the opportunity for parents to meet on a one to one basis with individual professionals to seek advice and information in relation to additional learning needs.

Meddygfa Galw Mewn i Rhienu.

Tymor y gwanwyn 2017

Clwstwr Arberth- Canolfan Gymunedol Ty Bloomfield Clwstr Hwlffordd- Canolfan Archifau Sir Benfro Clwstwr Aberdaugleddau- Canolfan ddysgu gymunedol Aberdaugleddau
16 Chwefror 12-2pm

30 Mawrth 12-2pm

3 Mawrth 12-2pm

6 Ebrill 12-2pm

2 Chwefror 12:30- 2:30pm

23 Mawrth 12:30- 2:30pm

Clwstwr Abergwaun –

canolfan adnoddau Dysgu Abergwaun

Clwstwr Tyddewi – Oriel y Parc Dewi Sant Clwstwr Preseli ar ganolfan dysgu cymunedol Preseli
30 Ionawr 12-2.00pm

20 Mawrth 12-2.00pm

1 Mawrth 12-2 pm

5 Ebrill 12-2 pm

13 Chwefror 12-2.00 pm

27 Mawrth 12-2.00 pm

Clwstwr Penfro –

Tŷ Ffowndri, Penfro

Clwstwr Dinbych-y-pysgod –

Canolfan adnoddau dysgu Dinbych y pysgod

31 Ionawr 12-2.00 pm

14 Mawrth 12-2.00 pm

15 Chwefror 12-2.00 pm

29 Mawrth 12-2.00 pm

Te a Choffi ar gael

I Rieni plant ag Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol (ADY)

Os ydych chi’n rhiant i blentyn sydd angen cymorth a chefnogaeth ychwanegol, yna efallai y bydd gennych ddiddordeb mewn sesiynau galw heibio newydd i rieni sy’n cael eu cynnal o gwmpas sir Benfro dros yr Gwanwyn

Lansiwyd syrjeris galw heibio ar gyfer rhieni, teuluoedd a gofalwyr ar draws tair ardal ddaearyddol o fewn y Sir. Bydd hyn yn digwydd bob chwe wythnos. Maen nhw’n rhoi cyfle i rieni gwrdd ar sail un i un gyda phobl broffesiynol unigol er mwyn cael cyngor a gwybodaeth ynglŷn ag anghenion dysgu ychwanegol.

Gwasanaeth Cynhwysiant