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picforfaviconSaint Teilo’s is a Catholic Primary School, located in the heart of the resort of Tenby.picforfavicon
We have a dedicated and enthusiastic staff that strive constantly to provide the best possible education for our pupils.
Alongside the efforts of staff, parents are very supportive and the P.T.A group plays a vital part in ensuring the success of our school.
We accept childrenĀ from all sections of the community and welcome visits from prospective studentsĀ and their parents.

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[st_icon_box background=’#8fc0ea’ opacity=’1′ border_color=’#8fc0ea’ icon=’star’ icon_color=’#ffffff’ icon_bg=’#8fc0ea’ icon_position=’icon-top’ icon_spin=’yes’]I was very impressed by the ethos of the school, in which it felt like children and adults cared for and listened to each other…I look forward to working with the school again in the future.

Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

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